Our worship gatherings at Deer Creek are formed around three main elements:

Praise for who God is - Honesty about who we are -
Freedom and Redemption in Jesus
  • There is a good God who created all things, including us. We praise Him for all the beauty and wonder and mystery of this fact.
  • We, humans, have really messed up this good thing and we need to be honest about the ways that we fall short in our own lives.
  • When we are honest with God about our shortcomings He meets us with forgiveness and love and sets us free.

This, in essence, is the good news of the Gospel of Jesus. Our hope is to rehearse and remember this truth every weekend when we gather so that we can hear from God and be filled by His Spirit to go out into the world and live as followers of Jesus.

Worship Style

The music at Deer Creek is a contemporary worship style because we desire for it to be more accessible to the people of our present culture. This means we use many modern worship choruses, supplemented by older hymns (often updated musically). Other more traditional liturgical elements are occasionally incorporated in. These elements are often recast in a contemporary style. In all of this, we seek to express the gospel story by rehearsing the sweep of God's love through creation, fall, and redemption.