Get Connected!

We want to invite men into authentic community so that they can better encounter Christ and experience His dynamic presence and power in their lives. We make no pretenses... guys do not have to get their lives cleaned up before they are welcome. All of us are in process. But because God is at work in us through his grace, we can expect to experience his transforming power in our lives, and through us, see that power extended to the lives of others.

We have a number of small groups that are designed for men, but it’s important for us to understand that these groups are not ends in themselves; they are designed to help men develop relationships where they can share their lives with one another and to further the specific purpose of helping men follow Jesus.

Small Groups - the best and most important place to connect is through a small-group community. Each group has a different emphasis, but all our groups are about connecting men together and taking that next step in our relationship with God. You can find our list of men's small groups here. Don't see a group that fits your schedule/interests? Start one by applying to lead a small group here.