Membership at Deer Creek Church

We believe that Jesus calls us to love one another. We also believe that God provides us membership in the church as a practical way to live out this calling. Church membership means living in authentic gospel relationships with others, marked by accountability, repentance, forgiveness, and service.

If you would like to join us in that endeavor, we would be delighted to help you take your next steps.

We offer a 3 week membership class each Fall and Spring as a small group during our small group seasons.

Frequently Asked Questions about Membership:
Is church membership biblical?
There is no explicit scripture text that says "become a church member!". It is not as if church membership is the 11th Commandment. However, church membership is biblical! In fact, when the Bible speaks about the church, it speaks of it as a body, composed of individual members united to each other under the head, Jesus! To be a follower of Jesus means being brought out of the world into Jesus visible body, the church (1 Corinthians 12.12, 13)! In the Old Testament, the people of God were distinguished as citizens and members of God's kingdom. They were called out of the world and into God's visible kingdom on earth (Deuteronomy 7.3, 6)!As members of Jesus' church body, the Bible calls us to attend, submit, love, and serve our local church. Hebrews says that members of the church should "not neglect to meet together as is the habit of some" and "obey your leaders and submit to them, for they are keeping watch over your souls" showing membership as a commitment to worship God with others and submit to faithful church leadership (Hebrews 10.25; 13.17). Members are also bound to one another and called to serve one another in love for the common good of the church (1 Corinthians 12.7).

What do I have to believe to be a member?
We believe that the standards for church membership should be no higher or lower than the standards for being a Christian. For that reason, you do not have to believe everything we believe as a church in order to be a member. A Christian is someone who has repented of their sin and believes in Jesus as Savior and Lord (Romans 10.9). If you have questions about what we believe as a church, visit

What do I have to do to become a member?
The process for becoming a member at Deer Creek is a simple 4 step process. First, join one of our membership classes. These are three week classes that meet during the Fall and Spring Small Group semesters. Second, talk with an Elder. During this time you will have a conversation about your faith background, how you came to faith in Jesus, and how the gospel has shaped your life. Third, make membership commitment. We ask members to affirm 5 questions about their beliefs and life as a follower of Jesus. You can find those below! Lastly, be celebrated. We ask new members to affirm the five membership questions before Deer Creek Church during worship. This gives us the chance to affirm God's work in your life and welcome you to Deer Creek.

What if I haven't been baptized? Can I become a member?
Absolutely! We believe that baptism is a sign and seal of membership in the church, the body of Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 12.13). For that reason, we believe baptism makes a person a member of the Church! Since many people come to faith for the first time at Deer Creek, we celebrate God's work of grace in their life by baptizing them on Sunday mornings during our worship service. We also believe children are members of God's family, and therefore, baptize children of believing parents (Colossians 2.12; Acts 2.38, 39).

Membership Questions:
  • Do you recognize that you are a sinner deserving God’s punishment and that you are without hope apart from His mercy?
  • Do you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as the Son of God, and do you trust in him alone for your salvation?
  • Dependent on the grace of the Holy Spirit, will you attempt to live every part of your live as a follower of Jesus?
  • Do you promise to support the Church to the best of your ability with your time, talents, and resources? 
  • Do you submit yourself to the guidance and discipline of the church and promise to pursue peace and unity as a member?