At Deer Creek Kids we strive to partner with you, a child’s parent or guardian, as you guide your child in a healthy direction towards smarter decisions, stronger relationships, and deeper faith. We create a safe, formative, and fun environment for your children to grow in an authentic faith in Jesus. We pray that through our partnership with you, your child can make those smarter decisions, build stronger relationships and develop a deeper faith in God as they walk through their life with Jesus.

Contact Josh Burns for more information or to get involved.



We contract with Checkr Background Checks through Planning Center Online to provide national background checks on all adults involved with children. Each team member is also trained and equipped to care for your children with excellence.


Make sure to check your children in at one of our iPad stations by typing in your last name, select the check box next to your child’s name, and then check them in. A nametag for each of your children will print out as well as a security tag with a 4-digit code that matches the code on each of your children’s nametags. Keep this code and present it to your child’s Small Group Leader when you pick them up after service. This code will also be displayed in Sanctuary if your child needs you during service. Please accompany your child all the way to his or her small group room when you drop them off.


After each service we wipe down all small group surfaces and toys with Seventh Generation disinfecting wipes.


A team trained and dedicated to the physical and medical safety of Deer Creek Church.



Nursery: 2 through 24 months old will get to be in a fun and safe space in which they are shown Jesus’ love in a tangible way through their language: play.

Preschool (2-5 Year Olds): Kids 2 through 5 years old meet in a safe, formative, and fun space where they grow in the knowledge that God made them, He loves them, and Jesus wants to be their friend forever. They are split into two small groups (2&3's and 4&5's) for age-specific activities, Story, and worship.

Elementary: Kids in Kindergarten through 5th grade get an incredible small group experience where they can grow in wisdom, faith, and friendship with their peers and leaders through high-energy activities, Story, and worship in three age-specific small groups (K-1st grade; 2nd-3rd grade; and 4th-5th grade).


We only get an hour with your children every week and recognize that you are the primary shaper and mover in your child’s life. Here are some resources that coincide with what we do on Sunday Mornings:

  • Parent Cue App: This app is directly tied to the lessons your children are learning each Sunday and gives you prompts for how to incorporate these Biblical truths during drive time, meal time, bath time, and the like. This isn’t something else to add to your busy life, but a way to incorporate what your kiddos are learning into your life now.
  • Parent Cue Live Podcast: “A podcast designed to help parents do family better”.
  • Jesus Storybook Bible: This is a great Bible that not only helps your children, but you as well; see the thread of Jesus throughout the Big Story of Scripture.