Meet the Watsons.

JonPaul and Carrie met in 2006 outside of Richmond, Virginia. After parting ways for a few months (JP in Nepal and Carrie in Spain), we reunited and said our vows before God and man in December 2007.
By January 2009, we packed up our few belongings and moved to St. Louis for JP to begin his studies at Covenant Seminary. One kid. Two kid. One more on the way. And then we were headed back to JP’s hometown in Spartanburg, SC, after graduation. We moved downtown and interned at a new church plant (now Grace Presbyterian Church!) while our family continued growing.

In January 2014, we packed up again after receiving a call to Christ Presbyterian Church in Winterville, NC. One last little addition, and we settled down for a bit. We had the privilege of growing with CPC for seven years and learned so much about how Jesus calls us to love and serve others. We were loved on tremendously by friends who have become family, and that love blossomed into something we want to share with people everywhere. Having always felt a pull toward church planting, serving at CPC has given us the courage to take life to a new city. Only the gospel could compel us to go.

Thus, here we are, we’ve made it to Denver!

Our family loves live music, rock climbing, bouldering, traveling, laughing, singing, reading, cooking, and being goofy. JonPaul listens to a lot of podcasts. Carrie reads a lot of books about books. Lucy finds the best bugs. Judah tells the best stories. Luke draws the best pictures. And Jane tells the best jokes. We also have two dogs, Zuma and Hagrid, and a snail, Willa.

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