Deer Creek Church Updates 
May 2023

Ministry Updates:

Summer Connection Activities 
Join us this Summer for a season of connection and fun!

On Sundays in June, July, and August, we will be preaching through the Psalms and enjoying ice cream after each of the services.

In June, we will have:
- June 3rd Men's Hike
- June 4th Summer Kick-off and Food Truck
- June 10th Playground Gathering
- June 17th Women's Hike
- June 18th Father's Day Root Beer Floats
- June 24th Playground Gathering

In July, we will have:
- July 1st Playground Gathering
- July 8th Men's Pub Night
- July 15th Playground Gathering
- July 22nd Women's Wine Night

In August, we will have:
- Aug 5th Women's Hike
- Aug 12th Playground Gathering
- Aug 19th Men's Hike
- Aug 20th Small Group Signup Sunday and Food Truck

Mark your calendars for these activities. We will share specific details as they get closer.
Service Time Changes 
We are changing our worship service times on June 4th. We have been considering this change for several months to help even out attendance for the services.This change will help us to serve more people. 

Our new service times will be 8:30 and 10:15 AM. Please mark your calendars.

Missions Update:

Updates for Elevate Hope Centennial Church Plant
Here is an update from Brett Weston:

"God is at work at Elevate Hope!  This past season we baptized 6 new believers and 5 kids.  We saw 14 kids go though our communicants class and become communing members!

Another highlight of ministry has been our 2nd ever Christianity Explored small group that has 9 people who are exploring faith.  We can visibly see people wrestling with who Jesus is.  One man, John (name changed) finally admitted after session 2 that, “I don’t really believe that Jesus is the Son of God.”  As of last Sunday,  John expressed that he was starting to think that Jesus is who he said he was.  Another couple, our dear friends who we had invited to church for 3 years before they said yes, are so close to receiving Christ as well! Another person in Christianity Explored confessed, “I am starting to get worried about myself.  Ever since you challenged us to read Mark, I just want to read the Bible all the time. I can’t seem to stop.”

God is at work!

We are also training our VERY FIRST round of Elders and Deacons at Elevate Hope!  This has already been such a joy 4 weeks into the the training.  We have 9 great men who are learning and growing as servant leaders.  I am excited to have more servant leaders to help with the growing shepherding needs at Elevate Hope."
Update from our Englewood Church Plant
Here is an update from JP Watson:

"Christ Pres Englewood had a wonderful Easter gathering, beginning at Duncan park with an egg hunt for our kiddos, followed by a Bible story time for everyone on the resurrection of Jesus and an Easter potluck feast! We continue to gather each week on Sundays at 4:30pm for a meal and large group Bible study. This time continues to be very important for developing relationships, casting vision, and preparing to launch weekly worship this September. We are so thankful for our host church and all of your support prayerfully and financially! Please prayerfully consider joining us!"
New Church Plant Project Approved

We are excited to announce that we have been approved by our church planting network, the Western Church Planting Network, to begin searching for our next church planter! Our hope is to plant another church south of Denver. Please join us in praying that God would provide a new family to join us in planting churches throughout the Denver Metro area.  

Finance Updates: 

Giving Through March (budget year started July 1st):
Budgeted Giving $931,900
Actual Giving: $1,023,500
Spending: $986,700
Benevolence Funds Distributed: $15,800

Thank you to everyone who gives faithfully to the ministry of Deer Creek Church. This work would not be possible without you!

Unique Options for Giving

The finance team would like to make you aware of some giving options that are available to you. Schwab Charitable recently released a list of giving options that provide additional tax benefits. You can read the entire article here:

Here are the twelve items that they cover:
1. Donate appreciated non-cash assets instead of cash.  
2. Combine tax-loss harvesting with a cash gift.  
3. Give private business interests.  
4. Contribute restricted stock.  
5. Bunch multiple years of charitable contributions in tax year 2023.  
6. Combine charitable giving with investment portfolio rebalancing.  
7. Offset the tax liability on converting a retirement account to a Roth IRA.  
8. Offset the tax liability on a retirement account withdrawal.  
9. Leave a legacy by naming a charity as a beneficiary of IRA assets.  
10. Establish a charitable trust.  
11. Use a donor-advised fund account as a component of any of the 10 strategies above.
12. Satisfy an IRA RMD through a non-taxable qualified charitable distribution (QCD).

If you have additional questions, please reach out to our Executive Pastor Tim Ringquist at