Local Missions

Jesus did not come to be served, but to serve (Mark 10:45; Acts 10:36-38). He did this by meeting all kinds of needs—spiritual and physical. A critically important component for any church that wants to take following Jesus seriously is to show the love of Christ in tangible, helpful ways, and to be a blessing to our surrounding community. 

Global Missions

Jesus made it very clear that His Church is to join Him in His ongoing work to make His Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven (Matt 9:9-13). The scope of that work encompasses the entire world (Rev 7:9-10). In light of this Great Commission (Matt 28:18-20), DCC seeks to honor Jesus Christ through the growing involvement of our people in global missions.

Strategic Partners

DCC wants to focus our energy on strategic partnerships that we feel God is calling our church to support.

Below are our Local Strategic Partners. Please click the picture of the partner you want to learn more about.

Below are our Global Strategic Partners. Please click the picture of the partner you want to learn more about.

Our four-fold focus:

DCC desires to focus our involvement in four key, strategic areas:

  1. Church Planting—the starting of new churches which are able to be self-supporting and have a vision for continuing the expansion of the Kingdom through ministries of word and deed, local and cross-cultural. This is the biblical strategy of the Book of Acts and the most strategic means for spiritual multiplication. 
  2. Evangelism & Discipleship Ministries—ministries that extend the Kingdom through the proclamation of the gospel and build up believers through discipleship in the context of the Kingdom mission.
  3. Mercy/Social Justice—reflecting our Lord’s own example of ministering to the whole person to counter the effects of sin in the world and bring the blessings of His Kingdom reign to those in spiritual and physical need. 
  4. Mobilization Ministries—ministries that serve to call the church to Kingdom mission, facilitate the church’s involvement in missional ministry, and equip God’s people for Kingdom service. 


To learn more about any of these avenues for involvement, contact Tim Ringquist.