About LifeLines

CRU Lifelines uses outdoor adventure to share Christ with students and young adults. It develops young people in leadership and character and brings young people into healthier relationships with themselves, others, and God. Outdoor ministry is incredibly effective because it has a strong biblical basis, creates authentic community that emulates the church, and allows those who are often 'online' to experience God's natural creativity. CRU Lifelines activities include day trips, weekends, spring break trips, semester break trips, and summer missions. Every trip is planned as a gospel experience that includes hikes, backpacking, rock climbing, canyoneering, snowshoeing, winter camping, whitewater rafting, sea kayaking, and trekking. For more information, visit the Lifelines website:


About Jim Doenges

Jim Doenges serves as a full-time missionary with Lifelines, which is the outdoor ministry of Cru. Jim’s outdoor ministry experience includes full-time work in churches, para-churches, missions, and academic positions. He sees all his previous work experience as preparation for his current calling to minister and grow the church through the efforts of Lifelines. Jim is passionate about loving God, loving people, and loving the local church. Along with his experience, Jim also holds numerous degrees and certificates in the fields of science, nature, and the wilderness. Jim is blessed through his marriage to his wife Teresa and they both are active members of Deer Creek Church.


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Jim’s contact info:

  • Phone: (303)594-8113

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