Small Group Registration Form

This is where you register your group for the upcoming season.

Thank you for being a part of creating community for people to connect with God and one another!

Group Leader's Name *
Group Leader's Name
The group will automatically close when it reaches the capacity size you select.
The specific address where your group is meeting will be hidden from everyone except confirmed group members. Location can be "Varied" if your group changes locations.
Meeting Frequency *
If time/day varies, please make a note of those details.
Will childcare be provided as part of your group's gathering or will children be included as part of the group's time?
This is a summary of how your group will be primarily spending its time. 2-4 sentences is sufficient.
The first and last names of anyone who has already confirmed that they will be a part of your group. The Small Group's Pastor will load these individuals into your group personally to guarantee them a spot.
Anything else that would be helpful for your group's participants to know - i.e. - delayed start date, materials costs, etc.