about Cru city + Gary and debbie fuller

Gary and Debbie Fuller are passionate about people finding their place in God’s redemptive story. They lead a Cru City team in a season of innovation which aims at connecting people to Jesus and His kingdom in today’s mostly secular world. This has led to developing, Leadership Circle, which takes a cohort through a 9-month deep dive into faith, vocation and culture.

Their goal is to focus leadership within the community that God has placed them, which is the SW quadrant of metro Denver. They serve in several non-faith-based organizations that focus on helping our community flourish. They also help to equip DCC people and others to reach out to their neighbors, in the workplace and through small groups. If you want to learn more or find your place to serve in God's redemptive story, feel free to grab coffee with Gary or Debbie.


To contact Gary Fuller about hearing more about their ministry:

Email: Gary.Fuller@Cru.org

Phone: 720-291-1021